Kansas City real estate is considered a “hot” market and, according to Zillow’s data, the median home value rose more than 14% last year alone and is projected to see more than 9% growth in the upcoming year. Many people are looking for homes in Kansas City, making it an excellent time to put your home on the market and receive a premium offer. However, you can’t simply have a real estate agent plant a “for sale” sign in your front yard and expect to garner a great offer in a matter of days. Only by working with one of Kansas City’s top-selling realtors®, begging months in advance of officially listing your home for sale, will you be able to maximize the sale to your befit. These tips will help you make sure your house is well-positioned to earn a great offer with minimal time on the market. 

Get Rid of Clutter and Overly-Personal Décor
Clutter is an absolute offer-killer. Not only does clutter make your entire house feel smaller, but it also gives the impression that your house isn’t well-kept. No matter how gorgeous your kitchen is, its value will decrease is the countertops are littered with your collection of antique teapots or eight different types of cooking and coffee-making electronics. Additionally, start boxing up personal décor that will only remind buyers that your house has been well lived-in prior to their potential purchase. 

Give your House a Mini-Facelift
Whether a potential buyer sees your home for the first time by the glowing light of their computer screen or in the sunlight as they pull in your driveway, your house’s front exterior is the first impression they will make regarding your house. Help make that first impression a showstopper by investing a mini-facelift. Bring in a professional landscaping crew to cut and edge the lawn, plant seasonal flowers, pressure wash the siding, and repaint your front door.

Ask your Realtor® for an Actionable To-Do List of Items That Will Maximize Home Value
Prior to listing your home, your Realtor® should work closely with you to prepare a “to do” list of actionable items that will increase the value of your home in the eyes of buyers and their agents. This list should include things that need to be upgraded, rooms that need some level of staging, small décor upgrades you can do, and anything in your home that may be a deterrent to receiving a great offer. 

If you want to find a top-selling realtor® that will be proactive in working to prepare your home before listing, you can choose from a cherry-picked list of agents in Kansas City that have proven success. Effective Agents is a website that does just that. It utilizes an algorithm that matches your home’s specifics with successful local agents that have sold homes similar to yours for top dollar.

Hold an Open House Run-Through with Invited Guests
When you have made the upgrades and modifications that your real estate agent advised, your house should be nearly ready to list. Prior to officially listing your house, host a small mock open house with a few friends, family members, and neighbors. Their feedback will be invaluable to make sure there are no potential pain points that may keep buyers or buyers’ agents from putting in an offer after attending a real open house.

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