Olathe, Kansas is a semi-hidden gem just outside of bustling Kansas City. Olathe is a Native American word that means “beautiful,” and the city definitely holds up to its name. Located right along the historic Santa Fe and Oregon Trails, Olathe is known as being exceptionally family-friendly, with good schools and pristine suburb-style housing developments. The median value for housing in Olathe saw a 6.6% rise over the past 12 months, with most homes for sale staying on the market just a little over two months. If you are searching for a new home in Olathe or considering listing your home for sale, you will want to ensure you partner with a truly exceptional realtor that will work proactively on your behalf. Below are simple tips to feel confident that you choose the best real estate agent to fit your needs.

Choose a Realtor with Proven Success
The process of a real estate agent often leaves people feeling a bit overwhelmed. A blind search for a real estate agent will likely garner a huge volume of people, all claiming that they are the best realtor for you. The real estate agent you partner with should be someone that works proactively for you as a partner in buying or selling your home, making the decision on which agent to partner with quite intimidating. Instead of simply selecting an agent by chance, you can make sure that you partner with one who has an exceptional track record of successful closings for their clients by using the latest data-based technology provided by Effective Agents. The company’s website uses an algorithm that will generate a customized list of the top agents in Olathe based on provided information about the home you are looking to sell or to buy. Effective Agents use proven data to build this list. The custom list will contain the top-selling Realtors® in Olathe that are the most likely to have success.

Choose a Hyper-Local Agent with Hyper-Local Knowledge
Olathe is best-known as being a suburb of Kansas City. If you are selling or buying a house in Olathe, you may not want to work with a realtor that sees it as just an extension of the real estate work they do in Kansas City. You want to find a real estate agent that genuinely has their finger on the pulse of Olathe’s real estate market. You can determine this by asking area-specific questions about things like school districts and niche neighborhood-specific questions before you commit to a particular agent.

Ask About References
Before you decide on an agent, ensure you get at least two references from their past clients, preferably recent clients. Try to gain as much detail as possible. A reference will help you get a better understanding of how that particular agent communicates with their clients and if they are truly proactive on their client’s behalf.

Verify Licensing
Finally, you absolutely must verify that your realtor is fully licensed in Kansas and that their license is current. You can do this easily by visiting the state’s real estate regulatory board and typing in your agent’s name. You will be able to see that their license is current and if they have had any disciplinary action against them in the past several years.

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